I am SO very green at this so don’t laugh! I have decided to join those bloggers out there and ATTEMPT a blog of my own.

My name is Angel and I live in Georgia. I’m a military wife who loves Jesus, my family, my friends and PAPER! I’m not sure when the obsession with paper began. I think I have always loved it. The love of paper grew into a love for punches, glitter, scissors, eyelets, ink and you guessed it…. rubber stamps! It seems like I always have a project of some sort that I am working on. Right now I have a big one on my plate- my son’s wedding invitations. That project seems a little daunting. It will definitely have to be my best work yet. After all, it’s my first-born we’re talking about here!

Last week I worked on Valentine gifts for my daughter to give to a couple of her friends. We’ve only lived in Georgia since the beginning of January so these were new friends and their little gifts turned out so cute. Hopefully I can figure out how to get them uploaded. Stay tuned.