Yard Sale Find
I found this wood box at a yard sale a while back. I bought it for 50 cents! As soon as I got it home I tried putting a vegetable can inside to see if it fit and it did. Then I got busy with the move and forgot about it. The other day I unpacked it and decided to fix it up for my new stamp desk. I covered the cans with some of my favorite “Bohemia” papers from My Mind’s Eye and then put some trim around the top of each one (thank you, Lori for that cool SU trim!). Ribbons knotted on each side of the handle and a chipboard heart hung from a piece of twine finished it off nicely. I thought about adding buttons or more detail but decided I liked it just like that. Call me weird, but I like to sit and gaze at a finished work for a while. I wonder if God sat and gazed at His work when he made the world and then man? I bet He did on that 7th day! What do you think?
I love seeing this sitting on my desk and it’s very functional too!
Have a great day, friends!