Want to see my playground??
Today I have spent a little time cleaning and organizing in my craft room. So I thought I’d take a picture or two and share them with you. We have lived here 1 month now so there aren’t any pictures or paint on the walls. But, I love “my space to create”.  At our old house my stamp room was down in the corner of the basement. I didn’t spend a lot of time there because I felt so far away from everyone else. But, here my room is between the kitchen and the garage. It’s perfect for me. It does need to stay presentable because there are no doors leading into the kitchen. But, I stuck a table in the closet and can just close the doors if I am in the middle of a project! It works for now until Kevin builds me an actual desk into the closet.
The lady who lived here before loved outlets so there are outlets everywhere even in the closet! In my other stamp room I had NO electricity so I had to run an extension cord into the room to use anything electric. LOL

ClosetHere is the desk. Two shelves up above hold about 1/2 of my stamp collection. To the left under my desk is where I store my beading materials.
West SideHere is the west side where the 48 SU colors of cardstock, those wonderful white iris storage systems full of you-name-it (I started with one of these), the computer armoire and in the corner on top of the file cabinet are pizza boxes with 12×12 cardstock.
North SideHere is the Northeast corner of the room. Under the window are smaller white storage systems with more (you-guessed-it) stuff, baskets with crafty mags (I need to pare down these!).  The small white cabinet has stuff to make inside with plastic shoeboxes full of ribbon on top(my latest weak spot). More cardtsock and stuff and then the other half of my stamp collection is in the larger white cabinet. In between the green cabinet (which holds cards ready to send) and the white cabinet is an awesome EBay find which is 36 desk calendars I can use to stamp on and then just tear off a month when I need to. 99 cents!!!! I have a lifetime supply now. *big grin*
Thanks for visiting me here in Warner Robins, Georgia. Yes, we had storms last night. Oh, and something really cool. We went out on the front porch to find frogs EVERYWHERE. We had fun naming them all. They were little and cute. And they were all over the place. I’ve never seen anything like it.
Have a great weekend, my friends!