“Caribbean Colors” Desk Set

Let me tell you about yesterday. I spent most of the day on this particular project for someone near and dear to me. The colors remind me of her and I think she’ll like it a lot. (In case she looks at my blog…I am not naming her.) 🙂
The post office here closes at 6:30 here which to me is remarkably late. I wanted to get it in the mail on time for her birthday.  So, I had it all taped up and ready for hubby to take there when he got home. It was after 6 and he wasn’t here yet, but I was ready. Or so I thought. Seconds before he pulled up I realized that I had forgotten to put the memo cube in. It was destined to be late I decided and went off to sulk. (This was the end of a difficult day.) Hubby decided we should try to make it to the P.O. so we cut the package open and put the cube in the gift box and sealed her back up. I was devestated to see the card and some other envelopes on the table that were meant to go inside. Hubby cut into the box again while I nearly cried. Luckily we live only a few minutes from the post office and he made it there in time. Now, hopefully the 2 day priority is actually 2 days and she’ll get it on time. 🙂
The last couple of days have really made me realize how much we need another car. Hopefully God will bring that about soon and make it happen easily.
Until then, I’ll work on another project since I’m stuck here at home. LOL
Have a great day, friends!