I ran across a website I want to share with my fellow stampers. Stampin Up has a background stamp which is a word search puzzle. I don’t have it yet, but it’s on my wish list. (You don’t want to know how long that list is.) Well, another technical savvy stamper, Stampin’ Kub, created a program that allows you to find all of the words in the search simply at the touch of your mouse. See what I mean by visiting the site:
You’ll also find some great tutorials and card samples there!
Well, friends, it has now been over 24 hours since my plea for help on naming my site. I’d like to say my email inbox is running close to full with ideas. But, alas, I have NONE. 😦  **insert SAD, pouty face here** I guess I need to tease you with the prize. I’ll try and get a picture posted soon. My camera is on the charger. It’s been dead for a few days and I just now got the cord found to plug it in. So, I’ll post more pics soon of both the house as it begins to look homey and the craft projects I am working on.
Thanks for visiting today!