Are you like me? Before I throw anything away, I look at it twice these days. I save lots of stuff. Tins, bottles and cans in all shapes and sizes can be found in my “to be stamped” cabinet. Websites I look at have me saving cardboard to make my own chipboard. I pry off magnets from anything that goes into the trash. I’m on the lookout for this or that including paper coasters from restaurants and jumbo paper clips. I could go on and on. My husband doesn’t even ask anymore when I want to buy something that looks like junk to him. Case in point, we were at an outlet mall this last weekend and I was digging through a clearance bin and found about 10 empty CD tins. My eyes sparkled as I put them in the shopping basket. My husband didn’t even raise an eyebrow. I had to laugh.
This project (which I am giving away to my “Blog Namer”) uses an “Altoid Sours” tin and water bottle caps. Carol Duvall featured this project a couple of months ago and I filed it away in my “gotta try it” memory bank. (This memory bank doesn’t work until I see something much later that jogs the memory…I hope you can relate.) This gadget is a neat little storage container for punches. I can see it being used for buttons, brads, eyelets or any little thing that you may need to store. If you’re a stamping friend this is a neat idea for you. If you’re not, this is a plea for you to save Altoid tins for me!
Punch KeeperPunch Keeper 2