So Very
SO very blessed! Family, friends, home, health, children, love… I could go on and on. Isn’t God amazing? There is one blessing in particular that I just have to marvel at.
Months ago God set the wheels in motion for us to move. We didn’t want to move and we tried very hard to get to stay in Kansas. But that just wasn’t God’s plan. So we sold our cherished home and here we are in Georgia. At around the same time, my friend Shelley’s husband put in his paperwork to retire and started looking for employment. They had decided to try and move to Atlanta to be near Shelley’s siblings. Ken was trying for a job at AirTran there. He didn’t hear from AirTran and the clock was ticking so he put in applications elsewhere. “Coincidentally” he was hired here in Warner Robins. And so Shelley and I moved here to Georgia at the exact same time! We live about 15 minutes away from eachother! We go to the same church and we joined a Bible study together. Isn’t God amazing??
Have a blessed day, friends! ~Angel