My baby leaves tomorrow for her spring break vacation. She’s traveling back to Wichita to see her brothers and friends. It’s all she wanted for her sweet sixteenth birthday. (Wow… my baby is turning 16!) I am going to miss her terribly. So, I may be posting like crazy as I stamp the week away. I just finished making her best friend’s birthday present for her to take with her. I thought I’d post it today to share with you. I had one heck of a time getting a good picture of it. Afterwards, I got to thinking that taking the glass out for the picture probably would have done the trick. One of those “DUH!” moments. Anyway, here’s a peek at her name frame. Hope she likes it.
Be sure to check back next week as I get on the “Blog Candy” wagon and give something away. I love the idea and can always find something to make or give.
See ya next week, friends!
Love~ Angel
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Caitlin’s Present