Jar of CandyJust a quick post this morning before I start making a baby gift that needs to go in the mail. Remember when I told you I save all kinds of stuff? Case in point is this Cheez Whiz jar I decorated for a quick and easy thank you gift. It was for Katie to take along with her to give to one of the hostesses who is letting her stay with them. The jar lid is red so the only way I know of to hide all of the red is by glueing the trim along the edge. This trim is one of those fun yarns from the knitting department. I bought an entire skein of it. I thought it would be fun to trade some of these yarns and fun firs. Cheaper fibers than buying them packaged….wouldn’t you say? Email me if you’re intersted in the swap and I’ll put it together. Let’s say one yard for each participant? Whatever fiber tickles your fancy as long as it seems good for paper crafting. Deadline is now April 23- Sign up by April 16th. Please email for more details!

Happy Monday to all~ Angel