Today I thought I would share with you a couple of websites. Both are great alternatives to yard sales, throwing things away or selling on EBay.– This is a site where you get points for things you give away. These points enable you to “buy” someone else’s items. A trade-off you might say. Here you send your item to it’s new owner. -This is a Yahoo group where you post items you have to give away. Groups are right in your own area so the new owner you choose will come and pick up their item. This week someone on my list was trying to give away Atlanta Braves tickets.
I am sure there are other websites out there that are similiar. Please share with me if you know of some.
Tomorrow I will draw for the blog candy winner. Don’t forget to leave me a wedding tip if you haven’t already. If you don’t have an invitation tip, leave me some type of wedding idea and I will still include you in the drawing.
Please forgive me for not knowing how to fix the font on this post.
Have a great Tuesday!