Many of you already know that our youngest child, Katie, turned sweet 16 last Friday. Her godparents even came from Tennessee to visit for the special occasion. She was thrilled! Her present from her dad and I was her spring break trip back to Wichita. She was very content with her gift. But she did tell me more than once that she expected a birthday card. I didn’t get one made for her last year and she will never let me forget it. *smile*
So this year I sat down to make her a card and had a great idea. I made her a “card” she will always remember. This card took me ALL day, but it was so worth it. I got to use lots of my favorite trinkets and toys too. Pictures were hard to take, so please bear with me. I am posting some of them here and some of them in my Splitcoast gallery. I am really into 3-D objects and gifts lately. This will go down as one of my favorite creations.
I started with a plain white jewelry box that was approximately 4×4 and I covered it in paper and ribbon in Katie’s room theme of black and white. I made a hole in the top and a red heart eyelet was fastened there. Ribbon was threaded through the hole and knotted on each side. My aunt and I made 10 square panels- 5 in black and 5 white. We decorated them lots of ways and glued them together 2 at a time with the ribbon sandwiched between at about 4 inch intervals. At the end of the ribbon I added some pony beads. Red was also used as an accent color. Voila! Katie’s unforgettable birthday “card”. I stamped a greeting on another panel and attached it to the inside bottom of the box and here is where her dad and I signed the card. I also put some confetti inside for a little added fun.
The idea was that when she opened the box and lifted the lid the panels would topple out one by one and that is what happened. 10 cards in one you might say. I hope to get more jewelry boxes and make a few more of these. It was a lot of fun!

Katie’s 16 bouquet and card This pic is of the money bouquet from Katie’s godparents. Her godmother (my aunt) took over $60 in mostly one dollar bills and made them  into flowers and also stuffed them in the bottom. It was the best present and exactly what Katie wanted. Her card is sitting in front.

katie’s card spread out The card spread out… you can see one side.
Another view of 16 cardAnother view.
A couple of the panels A close-up of a couple of the panels.
I guess that’s it for now. Thanks for looking!
Blessings~ Angel