It’s been more than a few days since my last post. I was enjoying my aunt and uncle’s visit. They are on their way back to Tennessee now and things will once again get back to normal. We are a military family and I don’t get to see family very often so when I do, that’s what I like to concentrate on- family time. My parents will be here for a couple of days next weekend on their way to Florida to cruise.
As I write this post I am listening to the wooden wind chimes my aunt and uncle brought us from their vacation. The birds are chirping and it’s so peaceful. I just finished a piece of pumpkin dump cake. Yummy. Anybody like pumpkin? I’ll post the recipe if anyone wants it. It is yummy and so easy.
I wanted to share a picture of those picture holders my friend Shelley and I made for our Bible study group. We bought some styrofoam balls and my daughter cut them in half during her theatre tech class. We glued them down onto a CD that was covered in a pretty paper. Then we took silk flowers, popped them off the stem and glued them onto the styrofoam ball. The glue we used was in a tube and it was called “Hold the Foam”. The flowers pushed into the foam pretty easily too. I bought straight floral wires and bent them into a spiral shape at one end. Using tools for this makes it a much better spiral. We stuck three in and voila…. a picture holder. So easy and cute. This would make a nice gift or even a craft for kids. Let me know if you try it. I didn’t case this from anywhere unless it was deep down in the recesses of my memory and I dredged it up….LOL. I don’t think so.

Pic Holderpic holder 2 
We ended up setting these on some pretty brightly colored summer plates with flowers strewn about. Everything turned out great.
My next project is baby announcements for the twins. They are nearly finished. Just need to do some doodling around the edge then I will post the pic. I’m off to find some doodling samples. Any suggestions?
Have a great Tuesday!
Blessings~ Angel