It’s Monday! How was your weekend? I worked on wedding invitations all weekend myself and got a lot accomplished! I learned a few things and thought I might share with you. The first thing I learned while rolling my “Leaves A La Carte” jumbo wheel onto vellum in white ink. I rolled about 40 pieces of vellum and since I didn’t want the paper to get inky from the white ink left over on my desk pad, I traced a piece of cardboard so I knew exactly where to put my sheet of vellum each time. The paper was clean there!100_2255.jpg
The second thing I learned while punching a slot. Initially I was going to use the SU slot punch. However, to get my slot where I wanted it I would have had a punch through 2 layers. I solved this problem by purchasing the Basic Grey Notch and Die Cutting Tool. It’s like an “Anywhere” punch. It was taking a LOT of elbow grease at first. And as many of you know, I have a bad back and it was not liking the force I was having to use. I tried placing a mouse pad under it, but found that was too soft and the cardstock tore. Then I found this left over shelf liner and put it between the cardstock and my cutting mat.
100_2257.jpgI had these done in no time and with very little effort! I did draw a little pencil line where I wanted my notch or slit. My DD went back and erased those lines for me. 100_2258.jpg150 is a LOT of wedding invitations. The more shortcuts and things I learn- the bettter! I’m still trying to decide what adhesive to use to put these things together. Any suggestions??