Blog Challenge Tuesday, May 29 2007 

Did you know I also have a weight loss blog? That blog is to journal my weight loss journey. This journey has been a serious venture for me for for over 6 years. Six years ago I weighed 217 pounds. From there I lost and gained and lost and gained…you get the picture. But I ended up losing 77 of those pounds. Here I am, however, starting to put them back on and I refuse to go there so I am exercising and TRYING to eat right. By my son’s wedding, I want to be back below 140.
Back to my blog……. I offer a weekly challenge and a prize to a random winner. Last week I had one girl take my challenge. She won a handmade weight loss journal. 
If you’re trying to lose weight, I welcome you to check out my blog-
And take my challenge! What have YOU got to lose???


It’s a GREAT Mail Day! Friday, May 25 2007 

I told you I had won a bit of blog candy myself. Well, it came today. It was from Lori at Inking Aloud and man alive was it good! here is what I received:
Can I just tell you that the can had 8 of the Studio G sets that I hadn’t seen here at my Michael’s, a bottle of Stickles, some FUN ribbon and primas. And it was HER birthday we were celebrating. Can she throw a party or what?
I’m hoping she won’t mind that I borrowed her picture. My camera needs a charge.
I’m feeling really good today compared to yesterday’s migraine. I think I’m going to add to my own blog candy after I get back from Michaels and Hobby Lobby (which will be after hubby replaces the starter on our van! 🙂 )

If you’re like me and have never used a Stamp-a-majig then head over to see Trudee who has the how-to on her blog- Follow Your Bliss.
It’s now at the top of my list of “needs”.
Happy Memorial Day weekend! I’ll be back on Monday to draw a lucky name.
Stamping Hugs~

Cards for the Troops Thursday, May 24 2007 

Do you know what Debbi is doing? She is collecting cards for our troops to send home to their loved ones. Yesterday I boxed up about 30 patriotic cards along with over 200 envelopes and sent them off to Debbi. Being a military wife, I know how extremely important it is for a soldier to stay in touch and connected to his or her family back home. I wish the best of luck to Debbi and others like her. God Bless!
Debbi’s Blog:

What is your definition? Saturday, May 19 2007 

Angel Wilde —

Visually addictive

Does this mean I am visually addicted to things? That could be true since I want so many of the new stamps and accessories I see!

‘How will you be defined in the dictionary?’ at

Happy B-Day, Lori! Friday, May 18 2007 

Be sure to wish my friend Lori a happy birthday today. I think she’s 29. 🙂

MORE Mom stuff! Thursday, May 3 2007 

More Mom stuff! If you are a mom- go here for a chance to win an IPod!

And there are more give-aways too!

Altered Items Carnival Thursday, May 3 2007 

Check out Craft Critiques “Altered Items Carnival”:
There are some cool items linked here.
AND they chose some of my projects!

Blog Candy Alert Saturday, Apr 28 2007 

Jeanna has some amazing blog goodies to give away just for letting her know you were there! She’ll draw for a winner on Wednesday so go pay her a visit!

Tagged.. Tuesday, Apr 24 2007 

I nearly forgot. I was tagged. The idea here is to tag five other sites so you can follow the links to great sites. (I think). I’ve been tagged by Lori Craig (Making a Difference)  and by Angie Z. (you’ll know her better as duckwaddlequack) Now it’s my turn and I have to choose 5 who have not been tagged. THIS will be difficult since I am a little late here. Let me try!
1. Sherelle C. at “My Crazy Life”- I love her down to earth style, great tips and amazing photographic skills! What adorable kids too….4 under the age of 5! What a woman.
2. Tracy H. at “Misplaced Texans”- My friend Tracy just moved to New York. She is very creative both in stamping and writing so her posts are fun to read and I know some day she’ll have some great projects to view as well!
3. Debbie O.- Okay, so I know she’s been tagged probably. But, I love her work and read her blog all the time.
4. Trudee- Okay, I know, I know, she’s probably been tagged too. I think everybody has (insert whiny voice here) Her work is so very beautiful.
5.  I think Amy C. has not been tagged (until now). I saved her site because of some great projects I can’t wait to try.
Tag….You’re all it!

Well, I didn’t realize that part of this tagged business is telling 7 things about yourself. At least I think it’s 7. I’ve seen some very cute and funny facts. I think mine will be boring, but here goes:
1. Nearly every morning I drink a small cup of chai tea. I love the “Mystic” brand and when we left KS I brought 10 cans with me fearing I couldn’t find it at my local Sams. Guess what? I was right! (insert sad face here).
2. My oldest son is almost 21 and getting married in August. The best thing here is how much we adore his fiancee.
3. Dark chocolate is my ultimate favorite in chocolate.
4. I’ll eat any kind of veggie, but my favorite is CORN and I will eat anything corn. Corn on the cob, cornbread, corn pancakes and the untimate thing we found here in GA- corn nuggets! YUM!
5. I have 4 best friends! My hubby, my daughter, Paula and Peggy.
6. My favorite color is pink- any shade!
7. I’m so proud of my husband serving in the military. He is a Master Sgt in the USAF. We are currently serving at our 3rd duty station stateside. He has been all over the world. I have been to VA, KS and GA!
Like I said, boring but true facts. 🙂

Make a Wish Come True… Thursday, Apr 19 2007 

What if I told you that a little boy who has a stubborn cancer has a wish that you could help come true with only 39 cents? You can. All you have to do is send a birthday card. Pop one in the mail today and help make Shane’s wish come true. He loves cards and hopes to beat the Guiness World Record for the most birthday cards received. Read all about his story here:
And send a card today.

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