The Twins Saturday, Jun 2 2007 

Just a quick entry to post a pic of my beautiful godbabies! I am on a laptop and am really not good at using it. Sorry!! DD & I arrived in Virginia this morning and Peg and hubby picked us up on their way home from the hospital! Here are the gorgeous little ones now!!


They have Arrived! Wednesday, May 30 2007 

The waiting game is over and the twins are here!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, they are there…in VA! I’ll be leaving on Saturday to go see them.
Brandon weighs 7 pounds 5 ounces and Faith weighs 5 pounds 9 ounces…I think. The cord was wrapped around Faith five times! That was something they did not expect so it was a good thing that a C-Section was planned.
Mommy and babies are doing very well. I can’t wait to see them!
God Bless~

US Mail Friday, May 11 2007 

Don’t forget that the rates go up for all US mail on May 14th. Here is a link to more info:
Mail as much as you can this weekend. LOL
Blessings~ Angel

GellyRoll Shimmer Pen Friday, May 11 2007 

My Sakura GellyRoll Shimmer Pen ran away. I’ve wanted to use it so many times in the last couple of months. Sadly, I can not find one locally. I did just reorder a white Signo gel pen from SU and then found the 2 of those I knew I had around here somewhere. Anyone want to trade?

Wednesday Bits Wednesday, May 9 2007 

Good Morning! I feel a great day coming here. I’ve already worked out, cleaned the house, showered and dressed and it’s not even 9 am! I plan on finishing my Mother’s Day cards today so they can go in the mail. Then following Lori’s instructions (I {heart} her!) I plan on drawing a diagram for the printer to use to cut the wedding invitation cardstock. That should help avoid mistakes anyway.
I just got an email from Create for Less. They have some scalloped punches in. Follow this link if you’re interested.
Last, but not least, I wanted to share my Russian Rice recipe today. This is an all-time favorite recipe in my house as it was in my home when I was growing up. I’ve never tasted anything like it before or since. There’s no meat so it could be a side dish, but my family enjoys it as a meal. And it’s even better warmed up the next day in my opinion!
Russian Rice
Russian Rice
1- 16 oz bag frozen egg noodles
2 cups rice-uncooked (not minute rice)
4 cans Beef Consomme Soup
2 sticks margarine
Melt butter in large non-stick pan (that has a tight fitting lid). Add noodles and cook over medium+ heat until lightly brown and butter is frothy. This may seem to take forever but then happens quickly so watch carefully. Add soup and bring just to a boil. Add rice and cover. Cook until rice is done according to pkg time. May need a few minutes added. DO NOT lift lid and/or stir until time is up on rice!!!
These are not professionally written directions since they come from my head. 🙂 But we love this dish so I am sharing. If you try it, please come back to comment!
Tomorrow I will post my Mother’s Day cards!!